D&F Centre ltd. (part of MDF Group plc) is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in bespoke cabinetry market. We pride ourselves on being a modern and dynamic company, keeping up with the latest trends whilst also offering the traditional, classic designs and styles.

In our offer you can find
  • lacquered doors
  • natural and modified veener doors
  • acrylic doors in a range of colours
  • 3D and decorative panels
  • internal doors
  • veneer and acrylic sheets

At D&F Centre, we are the manufacturers as well as stockists of all the products mentioned above. We also carry out non-standard orders for a range of products including: lacquered solid forms, internal doors and shaker cabinetry doors.

We invest in highly qualified and experienced staff, modern machinery and innovative technologies so you receive the highest quality product.

With branches across Europe, we try to be as close to our customers as possible.

Our company’s ambition is to meet the needs and expectations of all our customers.