Ebony 7069

Flexible Veneer Sheet

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Product code: HE-7069PW Category: Product parameters
Weight 0.6 kg
Size (mm)

2800mm, 640mm, 0.6mm


Engineered veneer is the result of combining advanced technologies and raw timber of plantative trees.This results in a wide range of colours and patterns and a diverse surface structure. An additional advantage is the availability of sheets of veneer modified in uniform and repeatable dimensions. It ensures minimisation of waste and reduced production costs.

Engineered Veneer Properties:

  1. High repeatability of pattern and colour
  2. Wide sheets, averaging 640mm
  3. Flexibility and ease of forming
  4. Permanently bonded with melamine
  5. Possibility of polishing of veneer before gluing

Technical data:

  1. Length: 2800mm
  2. Width: 640mm
  3. Thickness: 0.6mm


Unlimited quantity available, please message for larger quantities


  1. Semi-finished products for the manufacturing of furniture, doors, wall panels, casings, furniture fronts, profile strips
  2. Manufacture of musical equipment (e.g. guitars, loudspeakers)
  3. Ideal for veneering on membrane presses and edgebanding machines

Available designs:

Each of our auctions relate to a single species of wood and include a pictures of the leaves and colour variations. With over 60 variations to choose from, we encourage you to visit our store.

We also have samples pack available to order.

Veneer ? Care

Remember that veneer requires proper care. Proper maintenance will ensure its? durability for many years to come. For cleaning, avoid detergents and alcohol. Clean with flannel cloth dampened with warm water.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Size (mm)

2800mm, 640mm, 0.6mm

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